Power Bhakti Flow is a devotionally inspired and dynamic yoga sequence that links the breath with movement.

The Bhakti element in this class refers to love and devotion and is a path to self-realisation. Those attending the class often report feeling an experience of immense oneness throughout the body, mind and soul.

This powerfully led sequence will certainly challenge all aspects of the self; the class will include arm balances, inversions and back bending, all to aid in detoxifying the body while connecting with the self.

All levels welcome but be prepared to sweat and work hard too!

*All our yogis are entitled to an after-class meal discount in our Ayurvedic inspired, vegan restaurant downstairs.

Ashtanga Power Hour

Ashtanga Power Hour is derived from the traditional primary-led Ashtanga sequence but has been modified into a handy one-hour practice.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic flow that will build strength, flexibility and stamina in the self while also connecting the body, mind and soul.

Traditionally this class will begin with the opening Ashtanga Vande Gurunam chant. You will then be guided through the standing Ashtanga Yoga postures and a few of the seated ones, followed by a short and meditative closing sequence. This class is especially suitable for anyone who likes movement synchronised with breath.

All levels are welcome but be prepared to sweat and work hard too.


Rocket Yoga, also known as “The Rocket” is a powerful inversion fueled practice developed by American Yogi Larry Schultz during the 1980s.

“The Rocket” is deeply rooted from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice yet with way more fire and faster flows. Think of Ashtanga’s fiery little sister with constantly flowing movement and deep diaphragmatic breathing (ujjay breath).

If you are looking for a challenging upbeat practice set to an awesome playlist then Rocket is definitely for you.

All levels welcome but be prepared to sweat and work hard too.

Jivamukti Yoga

The Jivamukti Method focuses on our relationship with the Earth.

Jivamukti Yoga was founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York City in 1984.

The practice goes beyond being a physical challenge to keep the body fit, and includes practices which improve one’s relationship to others and ourselves.

This class includes hands-on assists, breath awareness, and meditation. Classes are normally themed and will often include Sanskrit chanting, music, intention setting, readings and references to yoga philosophies.

All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Flow

This graceful and energising practice links breath to movement, whilst increasing flexibility, body strength and mental focus.

The term Vinyasa is derived from nyasa, meaning “to place,” and vi, meaning “in a special way.” This indicates that we are bringing consciousness to each movement at each and every moment.

This class will incorporate stretching, strength building, breathing, balancing, relaxation and will also offer adaptations making the class suitable for beginners.

All levels welcome and suitable for beginners.

Om Nom Newbies

Our beginners’ classes will introduce you to the foundations of yoga and will give you the confidence to soon start attending regular classes.

Expect to learn some key poses including forward folds, back bends, twists, sun salutations and also simple inversions.

This class will include some basic principles of what yoga actually is and also the ancient philosophy behind it. This class aims to give a clear understanding of the different aspects of the practice.

Recommended for complete beginners or those of you coming back to yoga after some time out.

Dharma & Yoga Nidra

The practice is dynamic yet gracefully flowing and will offer you the chance to explore balances, twists, back bends and also inversions.

Dharma yoga is based on the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra, one of the oldest living Guru’s in the West.

After being carefully led through this powerful mind, body and soul experience you will be guided into a relaxation period called Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep. Using the influence of a guided visualisation you will start to experience a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.

All levels welcome.


In ancient times, it was believed that individuals possessed a divine energy at the base of the spine.

“Kundalini” is an ancient Sanskrit word that refers to a coiled snake. The practice of Kundalini Yoga aims to arouse the sleeping ‘Kundalini’ from its coiled base through the first six chakras, and penetrate the seventh chakra, or crown of the head.

Kundalini not only helps build physical strength and resilience, but also provides mental clarity and clears blocks in the energy field.

This practice is a dynamic blend of both a spiritual and physical. which includes movement, breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras for example “Sat Nam” meaning “truth is my identity”.

All levels welcome.

Rocket & Restore

Rocket & Restore blends two styles of yoga into one practice giving you the best of both worlds. The blend of the two styles are the ideal combination of both Yin & Yang and aid in balancing out hectic and stressful modern lifestyles.

Rocket Yoga, also known as “The Rocket” is a powerful inversion fueled practice developed by American Yogi Larry Schultz during the 1980s. Think of Ashtanga’s fiery little sister with constantly flowing movement and deep diaphragmatic breathing (ujjay breath).

The second half of the practice is Restorative Yoga which is known for its calming, relaxing, and healing effects. The restorative part of the sequence typically only includes a handful of poses held between 3-5 minutes, and are supported by props allowing you to relax.

All levels welcome.

Yin & Meditation

Yin Yoga deeply targets the fascia (sheet of connective tissue) of the body, such as ligaments, bones, and joints that are not normally exercised in a regular fast paced yoga practice.

These are major but often ignored components of flexibility, mobility, strength, and structure that need a slower and softer approach. This class is a mainly floor based practice where the poses are held for long periods of time, normally between 3-7 minutes. Yin Yoga can be quite challenging both mentally & physically, yet it is also a deeply relaxing and meditative practice for the mind, body and soul.

All levels welcome and suitable for complete beginners.

Mindful Meditation

Learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness in our calm space. This class aids with emotion regulation, attention control and increased self-awareness.

The meditation will guide you to pay attention to the present moment, including becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings and body sensations in a non-judgemental way.

This class can be taken in your normal clothes or your yoga wear. However, try to dress comfortably so that you can sit with ease.

All levels welcome.

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