At OmNom we believe that life is all about love, that the opportunity to give and receive love is there in every experience.

Abundant stress is sadly a common feature of daily life in the modern world. Over time, this can create a toxic and persistent state of anxiety. Our serene OMSPACE above the restaurant is here to help you find balance each and every day. Discover the power of your own mind – how to transform a life of worry, uncertainty and frustration into one of peace, strength, purpose and joy.

We hold daily yoga classes, wellness events, workshops and drop-in sessions that enable us to gain a greater understanding of the self, our surroundings and our divine connection. We want to absorb in higher experiences that nourish the soul, presenting a simple yet authentic practice that is accessible to everyone. We’re creating a conscious community fuelled by delicious Ayurvedic cuisine! Head upstairs to see what we have on offer and experience the results for yourself!

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