An immersive journey for the senses, OMNOM offers customised experiences for groups, a unique gift for a friend, or a chance to fan the flame of curiosity. Come and see what we’re all about and learn from the experts.


The Ayurvedic Theatre Kitchen is an offering unique to OMNOM. As the spotlight shines brighter on Ayurveda, and it takes its natural place next to its sister-science – Yoga – this experience comes at the perfect time. It’s an interactive, informative and practical way to help you take your health to the next level – so you can begin to experience wellness in each day of your life. Ayurveda is the oldest medicine system in the world, originating from India, the birthplace of yoga. It’s a holistic philosophy, incorporating mind, body and spirit, and looking at health from an individual perspective. It’s all about bringing your life back into balance – a balance that is unique and individual to you.

Through this 1.5/2 hour immersive experience, you’ll learn what Ayurveda is, it’s foundational principles, recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and how to personalise it in your way. It’s the perfect way to lift the wisdom from this 5000-year-old science, and directly apply it to you and your life. It’s like a cooking class, an educational workshop and an entertaining night out all rolled in one!



OmNom Heart Cakes


Do you love chai? Do you love Indian food?

Ever tried Gujarati cuisine with an East African Influence or Traditional British dishes with an Indian twist?

OMNOM High Chai is an all vegan Tea experience bringing to the table a selection of dishes and masala tea to tantalise your palettes. This experience will take place in a homely environment where you get the opportunity to share delightful treats and chats with others joining on the day. Experience an informal gathering around the table where love for food and Tea is the main language.